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Aqualung Squeeze Lock Titanium Knife

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Constructed from ultra-durable Marine-Grade Titanium the Squeeze Lock Blunt-Tip is compact, reliable and corrosion-free.

The 3” (7.62cm) blade is easy to handle in the water due to its compact nature. The long conventional cutting edge is ideal for big slicing cuts. Sawing through rope is easy with the serrated edge while the line cutting notch lets you snap through line quickly if you get stuck.


  • Titanium Construction – Made from a single piece of a corrosion-free, marine-grade titanium the Aqua Lung Squeeze Lock Titanium will remain rust-free through anything you throw at it.
  • Super-Light & Strong – Lighter than steel, but just as the strong; the Squeeze Lock’s Titanium construction makes it durable and light to handle.
  • Compact Knife – With an overall length of 6.5” (16.51cm) and a blade length of 3” (7.62cm) the Squeeze Lock Knife is the ideal balance between the heft of a large knife and dexterity of a smaller knife.
  • Squeeze Lock System – Aqua Lung’s patented Squeeze Locking system keeps your knife safely in it’s sheath until you need it. Releasing the knife requires a simple pinch of the grip and and the knife will pop out.
  • Serrated Edge – A saw-liike serrated edge allows you to easily rapidly hack through rope and other fibrous material.
  • Line Hook – Use to line hook on the back edge of the blade to catch and snap line.


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