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Clifton PVC Adhesive LA 4009

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Clifton PVC Adhesive LA 4009 is designed to be mixed with Clifton Accelerator ACC 4844. This two-part combination is an excellent glue for PVC- and urethane-coated materials.

  • This two-part adhesive gives high initial bond strength and quickly cures to a high-strength, heat-resistant final bond.
  • Patches can be applied when the glue is tacky. Also, once the glue is dry it can be reactivated with heat, making it especially handy for inside patches.
  • Review both the repair instructions and the Accelerator ACC 4844 mixing instructions.
  • LA 4009 Adhesive can be used without the ACC 4844 Accelerator in an emergency, or where the heat and chemical resistance provided by the Accelerator are not required.
  • Shelf life: 1 year
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