Delta 16 SKEG

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Excelling in rough seas, surf and wind, the elegant Delta 16 offers a balanced combination of manoeuvrability with excellent tracking to stay the course in challenging conditions.

It easily keeps a quick responsive pace and has enough storage capacity for multi-day exploration.

It features a low profile front day hatch, new Press-Lock Hatch System, proprietary bow and stern Paddle-Park, and Delta’s multi-position Contour II Seat System.

Rounding off its features is an option of a skeg or rudder for enhanced tracking or directional aid in rougher conditions.

All kayak models in Delta Performance Touring category come with the option of Spring Loaded Skeg System.

The skeg system is simple to deploy and features a kink-free operation.

The skeg line is housed in a tube and tucked away under-deck so it reduces the chance of snagging when loading and unloading gear.

As a note, a skeg can be deployed at different increments so the paddler can determine the amount of aid in tracking needed.

A skeg does not move side to side so it will not aid in steering the boat.

If you would like a steering aid, you can request a rudder as an option.




WIDTH: 22”

WEIGHT: 48 lbs

DEPTH: 12.25”

COCKPIT: 17” x 32”


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