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Jackson Happy Seat

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The Happy Seat is an inflatable bladder that goes under your legs, just in front of your existing seat.

It has two purposes. 1. It gives you more control in the boat. 2. It makes your legs more comfortable, taking some of the pressure off of your knees, hips, and butt.

The Happy Seat comes with a cord to attach the front of it to your floor support, and the back end attached with Velcro straps around your seat.

If you have a Jackson Kayak, it was designed perfectly for you!

Warning: The Happy Seat takes up room in your cockpit. You should make sure it doesn't impede exit from your boat in case of emergency. You should attach it in properly before using it with the cord included. Don’t use it if you aren’t 100% sure that you can get out if necessary.

  • Happy Seat with Velcro straps to attach to your seat and a 2 5/8" plastic tube
  • punch hole low in the front wall and insert tube
  • Put cord through the tube
  • Tie cord to secure Happy Seat to the center wall of your kayak
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