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Aqua-Bound Bilge Pump with Float - 17"

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Unless you always paddle within easy swimming distance of the shore, a bilge pump should be a must-have accessory on all your paddling excursions…

If you paddle an enclosed boat like a sit-inside kayak or canoe, a bilge pump should be on your list of safety equipment. This is especially important for long trips and when you’re paddling out into open water.

Why Keep a Bilge Pump in Your Kayak or Canoe?
Hopefully, you won’t need it. But if you’re in a situation where water is entering your boat quickly—high waves, pouring rain, a leak or damage to the hull—your safety may depend on you being able to get that water out in a hurry.

Most people who’ve been paddling a long time can tell you stories when either they or someone they knew needed a bilge pump at some point.

Where to Keep Your BilgeMaster
Aqua-Bound’s BilgeMaster Pump comes in a length of 17-inches and will easily stow in the cockpit of your kayak, or in the outer pocket of a pack in your canoe.

Just be sure to stow it within easy reach! Strapped down with bungees several feet behind from you in a sea kayak doesn’t do you any good when you need to grab it quickly.


  • Each BilgeMaster is hand-built to order in  the Aqua-Bound factory in Osceola, Wisconsin.
  • They use 100% industrial-grade plastics with a stainless steel piston rod for ultimate durability.
  • It takes as little as 8 pumps to remove a gallon of water, and expels the water 5-8 feet from your boat.
  • Low-profile foam is standard, keeping the BilgeMaster sleek and buoyant.
  • Debris can easily be cleaned out of the barrel if necessary.


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