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Bending Branches Beavertail

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Designed for deep water lake paddling with a classic long and narrow blade, efficiently providing control strokes with ease. 

  • The long, narrow blade pulls smoothly through the water and the length helps with sweep strokes
  • Symmetrical freestyle palm grip gives you the versatility you want and the quality you deserve
  • Rockgard® tip provides protection on the blade


  • Shaft Material: Solid Basswood
  • Blade Material: Basswood & Red Alder
  • Blade Size: 6.75 x 25 in. (17 x 63 cm.)
  • Blade Surface Area: 139 sq. in.
  • Grip Type: Freestyle Palm Grip
  • Weight: 22 oz. (624 g)

Size Chart:

26" 54"
28" 57"
30" 57-60"
32" 60"
34" 63"

Note: Bending Branches sizes Beavertail customers 2-4 inches longer than standard canoe paddles due to the longer blade and short shaft length

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