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Boardworks 9" FCS Connect Tour SUP Fin

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Easily insert or remove this universal fin in seconds. The best part it, no fin key required. Offers a combination of drive, speed and response for modern paddleboard and longboarding. Designed to be used in most existing paddleboard or longboard boxes. No new box required.


  • No need for a plate and screw
  • Fits most SUP's and Longboards
  • Ability to adjust your fin position in the box mid surf
  • Neutral, well balanced template
  • Versatile, high performance Longboard (LB) fin for all conditions
  • Turn and Connect: Seamlessly connect turns and move up and down the board


  • Base: 6.43" / 163mm
  • Depth: 9.03" / 229mm
  • Area: 39.91" / 25748mm²
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