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The industry standard!

This 3 cm aluminum shaft extends well into the blade for added strength and is covered with polyethylene to provide a warm, secure grip.

The 20 x 51 cm molded blade uses super-strong polypropylene for a powerful yet lightweight paddle.

Sizes: 54" (137cm),  57" (145 cm), 60" (152 cm)


Grip: T-grip
Blade Material: High-impact polypropylene
Blade Size: 20.3 cm W x 50.8 cm L  (8" W x 20" L)
Blade Shape: Symmetrical
Shaft Material: Fully clad aluminum
Shaft Shape: Straight
Breakdown: No
Weight: 54" - 28oz (794g), 57" - 29oz (822g), 60"  is 34 oz  (964 g)
Application: Rafting, Canoeing

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