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Clipper Tripper 17 Kevlar w/Black Trim

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The Tripper's ample capacity will carry a family with kids or enough for an extended tandem wilderness trip.

A shallow arch hull provides good initial stability, but gently flared sides, and relatively low-slung seats result in excellent secondary stability.

Moderate rocker allows for quick maneuverability, yet a minimum of correction strokes are required to keep it on course. Paddle it with bent shaft paddles for maximum speed and efficiency.

The stern paddler is equipped with an adjustable footbrace, while the bow paddler can adjust the sliding bow seat and use the flotation tank as a footbrace. A footbrace will reduce lower back pain and shoulder stress and will eliminate the need to kneel, while at the same time increase your control of the canoe.



  • Length: 17'6"
  • Bow height: 21”
  • Stern height: 18”
  • Center height: 15”
  • Weight: 57lbs/Kevlar


  • Black Trim Package (BT)
  • Sliding bow seat
  • Footbrace
  • Deluxe Yoke
  • color: YELLOW
  • Price includes $165 shipping cost* to Smithers, BC, *all prices subject to change.


Kevlar® is a space-aged aramid fiber which, under tension, Kevlar® fibers are 5 to 10 times stronger than an equal weight of steel. Kevlar® cloth is more expensive than fiberglass and is harder to cut and work with, hence the higher cost. Kevlar® canoes are lighter and equal to or stronger than fiberglass. A Kevlar® canoe will generally weigh 20% less than a canoe manufactured out of fiberglass.

Kevlar® canoes are built with a minimum of three layers of material (a minimum of two full layers of Kevlar®). A full layer of Kevlar® is applied to the gelcoat. Areas of high stress have additional reinforcing. Next, a layer of polyester cloth is applied. A final layer of Kevlar® completes the laminate. A special marine structural foam core is then placed to the hull bottom. An additional Kevlar® layer is then applied over the core. The Kevlar®-covered foam core produces a sandwich type construction that is extremely rigid and lightweight compared to other methods used to stiffen canoe hulls.



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