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Clipper Wilderness Lashing Kit with Straps and Buckles

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Lashing kit for Wilderness Tripping, moving water. This gear lashing kit adjusts to tie your gear down to prevent your load from shifting during turbulent paddling.

Installation instructions
This kit is used for lashing gear into canoes for wilderness tripping. For this kit to work it is necessary for the canoe to have 4 d-rings installed on the floor close to the chine area both in front of and behind the yoke for a total of eight.

This kit contains the following components:

8X – 1” Tri-Glide sliders
4X – 1” Fastex Buckles
8X – 3’6” lengths of 1” black webbing
8X – 1” Plastic d-rings with base
*Glue is not provided with this package, a 2 part adhesive is recommended.*

D-Rings Installation
Mark the location for the d-ring bases on the boat with a pencil
1” tie down d-rings for float bags or gear tie downs are normally glued into chine or curved area between the side and bottom of the canoe.
Sand both the hull area concerned and the grey d-ring base with coarse sandpaper. After sanding, avoid contaminating these surfaces with dirt, grease, fingerprints, etc.
At room temperature, working time of the mixed adhesives is about 5-10minutes, setting time is about 30minutes and full strength should be achieved overnight.

Note: If the d-ring becomes stuck to the adhesive, it can be loosened by pivoting it in its base after the adhesive has been fully cured.

Strap installation
Thread the end of one piece of webbing through the tri-glide. Pull through about 2” on the short end
Put the short end of the webbing through the d-Ring and thread it back through the tri-glide. This end of the webbing should now be firmly attached to the boat.
Repeat the first two steps for all eight pieces of webbing
Thread the fastex buckled onto the loose end of the webbing. Thread the webbing through the gear straps, then over the thwarts and lock buckled to fasten gear into the canoe.

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