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Dagger Contour Hip Pads

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Paddling a boat with no hip pads can leave you sliding around uncomfortably, especially on whitewater, where connectivity with your boat is especially important. The Contour Ergo Hip Pads are the perfect way to upgrade your boat incredibly easily.

The hip pads are shaped to provide maximum comfort, and while they make you fit tighter in the boat, the foam still allows easy egress from the boat, so you will never find yourself trapped because of your hip pads!

As well as being the perfect fit for Dagger Kayaks, the Ergo hip pads can be fitted to other compatible kayaks, give us a call to find out if it will fit to your kayak if you're unsure. The pads come with straps to secure them firmly in the right place.

This kit makes whitewater paddling easier and more comfortable, and will make edging more effective so you can pull new and better moves on the water!


  • Gives excellent connectivity
  • Makes the boat more comfortable
  • Easy to fit
  • Velco to fit the securely in place
  • Wrap around strap to ensure they won't get lost
  • Pad covered in durable protective fabric
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