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MSR DragonFly™ Fuel Pump

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Designed for use with MSR DragonFly™ liquid fuel stoves, the new fuel pump improves durability and flame control. Boasting full field-maintainability, it also offers unmatched durability as well as an auto-shutoff valve for increased safety.

  • Compatible with all MSR DragonFly™ stoves (standard in all 04 models).
  • Light, strong, glass-reinforced polymer is more durable than traditional plastic.
  • Auto-shutoff valve increases safety by reducing the chance of fuel leakage if you forget to turn off the pump after you shut down the stove at the flame adjuster.
  • Includes a spare aluminum heat reflector and windscreen.

Note: this pump is for use with DragonFly™ stoves only, please see the MSR Standard pump for use with other MSR liquid fuel stoves.

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