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NRS Frame Oar Mounts 8" Pair

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The NRS Frame Oar Mounts comes stock on many of NRS raft and cataraft frames. Now in high-tech hot-forged aluminum for a stronger, lighter, sleeker mount.

  • Forging aligns the crystalline structure of the aluminum, creating a stronger oar mount.
  • This increased strength has allowed NRS to streamline the design, reducing weight by 25% over the older model.
  • A tough nylon bushing allows the oarlock shank to rotate friction free, and the bushing is easily replaceable, (NRS Item # 91043.01.)
  • You can easily adjust the oar mount's height by rotating it on the side rail.
  • Molded ridges on the gripping surface increase holding power on our 1 5/8"OD frame pipe.
  • Accepts 5/8" diameter oarlocks and pins.
  • A pair of oar mounts includes two U-bolts with nylon lock nuts and four washers.


  • Weight: 8" single: 1.875 lbs
  • Category: Frame Parts
  • Material: Hot-forged 6061-T6 aluminum alloy
  • Features: Pairs include 2 u-bolts with nuts and washers


8" Oar Mount
A:  8 3/8"
B: 3 1/2"


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