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SKILS - Sea Kayak Touring and Leadership Manual - Skils Freedom Of The Seas - Volume 2

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NEW BOOK! Sea Kayak Touring and Leadership Manual.

  • 2024. 450 pages in color!
  • Written by JF Marleau, Justine Curgenven, Michael Pardy and Illustrations by Andrew Woodford. Published by SKILS.

Invest in making your dream paddling trip a reality! This book aims to be the most complete source of information for sea kayak touring paddlers worldwide to increase knowledge, safety, and enjoyment. It covers day trips to multi-month trips with examples from across the world. This is a reference for all paddlers, from beginners to experts, who tour large bodies of water.

This book is for:

  • Recreational paddlers–beginners to experts
  • Sea kayak leaders, guides, and instructors
  • Participants in guide & instructor training courses.


  • Managing risks
  • Developing tools for better group dynamics
  • Developing leadership
  • History of sea kayaking
  • Dressing for sea kayaking
  • Selecting the right kayak
  • Packing a kayak
  • Transporting a kayak
  • Safety equipment
  • Trip logistics
  • Towing
  • Conservation etiquette
  • Managing food & water
  • Setting up tarps
  • One-way and two-way communication
  • Interacting with wildlife
  • Fishing from a kayak
  • And much more...
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