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SMC Force Carabiner - Oval

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Like it’s brother the Force D, the Force Oval offers a first-class strength to weight ratio, and solid dependability thanks to the ISO Cold Forging process developed by Omega Pacific. SMC continues to make sure this tried and true carabiner maintains its quality and reliability, no matter the application.

The Force Oval carabiner offers multiple advantages over it’s D shaped cousin. The rounded external radius of the carabiner moves easily through hardware, and won’t catch on webbing or other soft connections. And the symmetrical oval design offers predictable loading, making them perfect for aid climbing and rescue, where you don’t want any load shifts when weighted. Also, the smooth internal curves of the oval offer a snag-free surface that is the perfect interface for ropes, webbing,  and other soft goods.

Force Carabiners

  • A reforging of the strongest and best-selling carabiner designs in the world.
  • The new Force series carabiners from SMC offer unparalleled strength to weight ratios thanks to the ISO Cold Forging process. This carabiner manufacturing technique, originally developed by Omega Pacific, produces exceptional strength and durability by pressing raw materials into the strongest possible designs while avoiding issues like internal fissures and deformations that can happen during other forging processes. Combined with the highest quality aluminum alloys, the result is a lightweight connector that is the strongest in its class.  SMC continues to enhance this proven process by applying their unmatched design and manufacturing quality processes.
  • Force Series D and the Oval carabiners have smooth, rounded inside diameters for great interface with ropes and webbing.


  • SKU: 610xx
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Description: Model #61006  - Bright
  • Material: 7000 Series Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized (61002, 61005, 61015), Burnished (61006, 61016)
  • Dimensions: 4.2” x 2.2”
  • Gate opening:.59”
  • Weight:2.3oz (65g)
  • 3 Sigma test: Major axis
    • 22 kN
    • Minor axis– 8kN
    • Gate open– 6kN
  • Made In USA
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