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Snap Dragon Nylon Sea Tour Deck

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Nylon Series Sea Tour is perfect for paddling in less demanding conditions or as a backup on extended trips. 

Tube sizing: Measurements should be taken at the high point where the tube will ride, usually the sternum or lower rib cage. Alternatively waist measurements can generally work.

The Sizing listed below are approximations. While generally representative for cockpit sizing, the actual shape of the cockpit may alter the correct fit.

  • Tube size:
    • Circumference Standard: 50"
    • Circumference Large: 55"
  • Deck Sizing:
    • M: 31-33" long by 18" wide
    • MS: 41-42" long by 20-21" wide
    • M2: 47-48" long by 18" wide
    • LL: 34"-36" long by 18" wide (demo skirt - slightly used!)
    • 3XL: 42-43" long by 22" wide
  • Material: 200 Denier Nylon
  • Colour: Black
  • Adjustable waistband with removable suspenders and interior pocket


NOTE: Cockpit measurements should be taken from the outside edge of the cockpit rim at the maximum points. Do not rely on literature as it can be measurements from inside the rim and often times not even accurate.

All skirts are equally versatile in both salt and fresh water.

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