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Werner Churchill - 1 Piece - Uncut

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Werner's Churchill canoe touring paddle is built with their Premium fiberglass blades, known the world over by paddlers for their amazing combination of stiffness, light swing weight and abrasion and impact resistance.

Both the river paddler and open water cruiser will appreciate the stable, gentle strokes of the blade shape, the light feel in your hands and the exquisite quality 50 plus years of Werner experience brings.

  • The longer, rectangular, slender design is easier on the body with a more gentle catch. Moving a loaded boat has never felt so good. This allows the paddler to maintain a higher cadence.
  • 10 degree shaft to blade offset. Designed to keep the blade more vertical through the power phase, it benefits your forward paddling, but still allows for smooth turning and control strokes.
  • The palm grip is comfortable and allows the fingers to be relaxed as opposed to splayed.
  • Made from a high impact resistant ABS plastic, it will be protected from the rigors of the outdoors.
  • Designed with an ABS palm grip for maximum control and greater durability.
  • Uncut one piece to set your own length.


  • Shaft Option: Bent
  • Pieces: 1 Piece
  • Weight Grams: 444g.
  • Weight Ounces: 15.75oz.
  • Length Range: 48" - 58" , cut to fit ships at 58".
  • Blade Surface Area: 95 in2
  • Blade Length x Width: 18.75in x 7in
Size Charts - CANOE Touring:
Torso Length Paddle Length
26" 48"
28" 50"
30" 52"
32" 54"
34" 56"
36" 58"
38" 60"

To best measure torso height, sit straight in a hard, flat chair.
Measure from seat (between your legs) to your nose.

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