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HumanGear Go Bites Duo

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This ergonomic fork and spoon can be used separately or connected end-to-end for extracting the last tasty morsel from deep pots and food pouches.

  • Tools lock together for transport and storage.
  • Deep tines spear food or twirl noodles.
  • Tapered splitter tines on sides cut food efficiently.
  • Easy-scrape spoon profile gets the last mouthful.
  • Color: Light Green / Blue

The Duo is the utensil set for people who want a real fork and a real spoon on the go. The Duo utensils are each long enough to be used separately and both are optimized for what they need to do. The tools snap together in an ultra-compact nested mode. They can also be re-connected end-to-end for eating out of rehydrated food bags, deep to-go containers, etc. The locking mechanism has been carefully designed for easy cleaning even when you're miles from the nearest dishwasher.

All models are built on the same foundation: real tools for real humans. All GoBites are made from a special, extremely durable nylon and backed by a lifetime warranty. GoBites are also BPA-free, PC-free, and phthalate-free.

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