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NRS HD 1" Loop Strap - Iconic Blue

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The famous NRS Heavy Duty Strap, sold since 1978, has an unlimited number of uses—but for certain tasks you can't beat the NRS Loop Strap. Loops Straps hitch to frame bars and racks, so they stay put to simplify rigging.

  • Loop Straps are sold in pairs. You get two buckle end sections and two webbing end sections. This gives you two complete Loop Straps.
  • NRS Loop Straps simplify tying down loads on boats, cars and ATVs by easily attaching to common sizes of bars on frames and racks.
  • Thread webbing through the loops to attach the two sections to your roof rack or raft frame. Connect them with the buckle, cinch down your load and forget about it.
  • Complicated ratchet straps and cheap knock-offs can't compete with NRS Straps for strength, dependability and ease of use.
  • Low-stretch polypropylene webbing is rated for a 1,500 lbs. Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS). We treat the webbing with a UV-protective solution for a longer useful life.
  • Side-by-side stainless-steel springs create a strong, even bite in our custom-built heavy-duty cam buckle.
  • A prominent size indicator on the buckle takes away guess work, and NRS also weaves the size into the into the webbing.


  • Material:
    • Polypropylene webbing
    • Die cast, treated zinc buckle
  • Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS): 1,500 lbs.
  • Working Load Limit (WLL): 500 lbs.
  • Features:
    • Loops on each end secure straps to almost anything
    • Buckle end is 1' and loop end is the remaining footage
    • Integrated bottle opener in buckle
    • Strap length etched into buckle (also woven into Iconic Blue webbing)
    • Woven name tag
    • Webbing treated with UV protectant
  • Notes: All strap lengths are measured in feet.

NRS Product Tips:

Here is a great tip for protecting straps at highway speeds. Anytime you are using a tie-down strap on a vehicle, where a section of the strap is not directly against something, put a twist in the strap in that area. This helps eliminate strap strum, the rhythmic vibration of the strap in the wind. Under the right conditions, this strum can generate enough energy to actually melt or fray and part a strap. This also helps cut down on noise.


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