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NRS Super Pump Adapter Set - 6 Piece

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The NRS Super Pump Adapter Set comes with the Super Pump and Super 2 Pump. It's also a great combination of pieces that combine to let you connect to several common boat valves.

  • If you have inflatables with several different types of valves, this Adapter Set can cure some of your inflation headaches!
  • The "bell-shaped" piece screws onto a Leafield C7 & D7 Valve Adapter, then, the other Set pieces attach to it.
  • By mixing and matching the various parts, including the red and black O-ring spacers, you can attach your pump to Leafield C7 and D7 Valves, Halkey-Roberts New Short and Old Short Valves, Summit 2 Valves, H3 Valves and the Boston Valves used on earlier NRS Wild River Tubes.
  • There's also an attachment that fits the "pinch" valves on some air mattresses and pool toys.
  • And it's possible you may be able to attach to some other valves, by using your ingenuity and MacGyver skills; this is the valve adapter erector set!
  • 6 piece set only, Leafield adapter NOT included!
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