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Recreational Barrel Works Barrel Cooler - 60L

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This insulated barrel cooler is shaped to fit inside 60 litre barrels.

The zippered lid opens easily to ease your access to the cooler contents.

The Barrel Cooler keeps fresh and frozen foods longer and helps protect perishables or squishable items from the tough journey so they are yummy when you want them.


  • Insulated plus a robust walled support structure that keeps the cooler and contents from getting squished.
  • Zippered lid hinges in the middle for easy access.
  • Easy wipe out cleaning or toss in the washing machine.
  • Large Cooler fits in a 60L barrel.


  • Height: 18 cm (7 inches)               
  • Diameter: 30 cm (12 inches)
  • Weight: 500 g / 17.6 oz
  • Volume: 12.72L / 776 cubic inches


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