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Aqua-Bound Aerial Major Fiberglass - 1-Piece

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The new rebel of whitewater is here with beefed up blades and daring durability for the most hardcore of runs and conditions.

Expect more from fiberglass blades and experience unmatched longevity with Lam-Lok™ US Patent Pending technology to keep your Aerial Major Fiberglass performing at maximum power—for the long-haul.


  • Double down on edge protection with innovative Lam-Lok™ US Patent Pending technology
  • Lam-Lok™ mechanically bonds the laminated blade layers together with over 33 feet of an aramid thread around the most vulnerable parts of the blades, dramatically extending the life of your paddle
  • Protects blade edges by resisting delamination, impact and abrasion
  • Lam-Lok™ is 5-10x more effective at fighting delamination than blades without it
    • Aerial Major blade size best suited for paddlers who are larger-statured, in excellent paddling shape or require extra surface area to enact extremely responsive, aggressive maneuvers
    • Wide, flattened foam spine simulates performance qualities of both a foil blade and a compression-molded blade
    • Reinforced 100% carbon blade peg insert maximizes blade-to-shaft joint strength while matching the stiffness/flex balance of the entire paddle. Benefit from built-in durability
    • Smooth transition from blade to shaft. No sharp edges to scrape hands or extra material to add friction in the water
    • 100% carbon construction optimized for a stiffness/flex balance between that of traditional carbon and fiberglass shafts to ease strain on shoulders
    • High-tech, spread tow carbon weave increases the mechanical properties of the material (strength, stiffness, impact resistance) while reducing weight
    • Ergonomic grip shape designed to match the natural shape of a closed hand
    • Extra-long grip sections allow flexibility for hand placement to fit a greater number of shoulder widths and paddler preferences
    • Tactile grip coating applied to shaft to help get a better hold–and it won’t destroy paddler calluses, to boot
    • Designed for hand placement in line with blades
    • Fixed length and offset angle
  • Warranty: Aqua Bound paddles are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for two years from date of purchase.


  • Blade Material: Fiberglass with Aramid Thread
  • Shaft Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Blade Size: 45.5 cm x 19.2 cm (700 sq. cm)
  • Weight: 1pc: 42.3 oz. (1196 g)
  • Offset Angles: Fixed: 15° increments (L & R)
Paddler Height Paddle Length
Under 5'2" 191 cm
5'2" - 5'8" 194 cm
5'8" - 6'0" 197 cm
6'0" - 6'2" 200 cm
6'3" and over 203 cm
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